Art 4 Parties will provide artistic entertainment for 1-2 hours,
in our studio, for up to 12 kids!

We supply all materials for our paintings.

Art 4 Parties offers painting projects for fun, interactive parties.

These projects are suited to the appropriate ages and gender.

We offer several choices of paintings!
We can gear our painting toward your child’s theme.

Ages 7-12
Wooden Initial Designs
Painting on Canvas from our gallery

Name Painting on Canvas (need names in advance)

Base Price:  Up to 10 kids -  $150
Over 10 kids - Additional $10 each (Max of 12 kids at our site)

30 minutes to do Cake and Gifts at the studio - $25
Wall Mural - $15

Art Goodie Bags - $8 each child

Photos taken and sent via email for no additional charge!
Extra "travel" fee will be charged if we bring the party to your venue!
(Depending on mileage)
Call:  865-607-4473
Party Peeps: Cindy McDannel, Mary Jane Booth and Kassidi McDannel
Art 4 Parties is an affiliate of Youthful Expressions Studio